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#STRask - June 29, 2020

Questions about people sinning in Hell, being sorrowful in Heaven if loved ones are in Hell, and how to talk to someone who only has a few months to live. (Tim fills in for Amy.)
  • Is there direct biblical support for the idea that people won’t stop sinning in Hell?
  • Won’t I be sorrowful in Heaven if my loved ones are in eternal torment?
  • How do you begin to talk with a friend who just received word he has only a few months to live?

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#STRask - June 25, 2020

Questions about why people care about other people’s values and why Psalm 16:3 says all the psalmist’s delight is in the saints and not in God. 
  • Why do people care about how other people live or raise their children?
  • Why does Psalm 16:3 say all the psalmist’s delight is in the saints and not in God?

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#STRask - June 22, 2020

Questions about visualization being a function of the brain, the kind of body angels have, and how Jesus, Enoch, and Elijah could have physical bodies if Heaven is immaterial.
  • Doesn’t aphantasia (the inability to visualize things) prove visualization is actually a function of the brain and not mind?
  • What kind of body do angels have?
  • If Heaven is an immaterial realm, how could Jesus, Enoch, and Elijah have physical bodies?

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#STRask - June 18, 2020

Questions about why Christians should think the New Testament is inspired and what it means to put God in control of your life.
  • Do we have reasons to believe the New Testament is inspired?
  • What does it mean to put God in control of your life?

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#STRask - June 15, 2020

Questions about reconciling the deaths of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 with the character of Jesus and how Jesus’ new command to love one another differs from the old one.
  • How can you reconcile the unjustified killing of Ananias and his wife in Acts 5:1–11 with the character of Jesus?
  • How is Jesus’ new command to love one another different from the old command to love our neighbors as ourselves?

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#STRask - June 11, 2020

Questions about whether there really are objective moral values and whether the free will defense is compatible with Calvinism.
  • There are people who think murdering certain people is okay, so where’s the “objective” moral value?
  • Is the free will defense compatible with Calvinism/Reformed theology?

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#STRask - June 8, 2020

Questions about whether Psalm 2:7 means Jesus had a premortal birth and why the spiritual disciplines are important if God is in control.
  • Does Psalm 2:7 prove Jesus had a premortal birth?
  • Why are the spiritual disciplines important if God is in control?

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#STRask - June 4, 2020

Questions about whether or not it’s okay to counsel teenagers on how to have safe sex and the biblical definition of sexual lust. (Jon fills in for Amy.)
  • Is it wrong to counsel teenagers on how to have safe sex?
  • What’s the biblical definition of sexual lust?

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#STRask - June 1, 2020

Questions about steamrollers who say there’s no proof for God, whether matter changing to energy proves it isn’t self-existent, and whether rainbows existed before Noah. (Jon fills in for Amy.)
  • How can I deal with a person who steamrolls with “There is no proof of God”? 
  • Does the fact that matter can change to energy prove it isn’t self-existent?
  • Did the mechanics for creating a rainbow not exist before God put it in the sky for Noah?

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