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#STRask - May 28, 2020

Questions about saying the “sinner’s prayer,” whether Sunday school is biblical, and baptizing in the name of Jesus vs. the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Jon fills in for Amy.)
  • Should I lead my son in saying the “sinner’s prayer”? 
  • Is Sunday school biblical?
  • Why are New Testament believers baptized in the name of Jesus rather than the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

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#STRask - May 25, 2020

Questions about apostasy in a time of persecution, balancing citizenship in Heaven and patriotism, and whether or not God hates Satan.
  • Were the Japanese Christians in the film Silence who agreed to step on the picture of Christ committing an act of apostasy?
  • How do you advise Christians to balance citizenship in Heaven and patriotism? 
  • If it’s wrong to hate, then does God hate Satan?

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#STRask - May 21, 2020

Questions about why Rahab lied (and whether or not that was okay) and why God didn’t allow David to build His temple. 
  • Why did Rahab lie, and was that okay?
  • Why did “having blood on his hands” disqualify David from building the temple?

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#STRask - May 18, 2020

Questions about infinite regresses and responding to a naturalist who wants scientific proof that matter had a beginning.
  • What is an infinite regress?
  • How should I respond to a naturalist who wants scientific proof that matter had a beginning?

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#STRask - May 14, 2020

Questions about God’s forgiveness vs. human forgiveness, what John 20:23 means when it says the disciples had the authority to forgive sins, and whether Luke 12:47 means Christians can expect some punishment from God. (Tim fills in for Amy.)
  • How would you compare God’s forgiveness to human forgiveness in terms of how the restoration is accomplished?
  • What does John 20:23 mean when it says the disciples have the authority to forgive (or withhold forgiveness for) sin?
  • Does Luke 12:47 mean Christians can expect to receive some sort of punishment from God?

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#STRask - May 11, 2020

Questions about cultivating a deeper trust in God, whether 2 Samuel 12:8 condones polygamy, and why Orthodox Jews don’t think Jesus fulfills Isaiah 52 and 53. (Tim fills in for Amy.)
  • How can I cultivate a deeper trust in God?
  • Does 2 Samuel 12:8 imply that God condones polygamy?
  • Why don’t Orthodox Jews think Isaiah 52 and 53 is a prophecy that Jesus fulfilled?

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#STRask - May 7, 2020

Questions about how an omniscient God could regret His creation and how to fit together Adam and Eve with studies of early hominids. (Tim fills in for Amy.)
  • Why would a God who knew the result of His creation feel regret about what He had created?
  • How can I fit together Adam, Eve, and the studies of early hominids?

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STRask - May 4, 2020

Questions about whether a complex designer mind is improbable, where Jesus was between the cross and the resurrection, and why we should think Paul’s writings are inspired. (Tim fills in for Amy.)
  • If the existence of a complex universe is improbable, isn’t the existence of an even more complex designer mind even more improbable?
  • Where was Jesus from the time He died on the cross until the resurrection?
  • What do you say to someone who says Paul’s writings can’t be trusted as God’s word?

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