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#STRask - January 30, 2020

Questions about whether God is evil for creating disease, whether abortion is manslaughter or murder, and when it’s appropriate to pray harm on others.

  • Isn’t God evil for creating bacteria and disease?

  • Shouldn’t abortions be considered manslaughter rather than murder?

  • When is it appropriate to pray harm on others as Paul does in Acts 13:8–12?

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#STRask - January 27, 2020

Questions about proving events in the Bible, explaining mercy to a child, helping someone who doesn’t know if he’s one of the elect, and whether church should only be for believers.

  • How should I answer an atheist who says about everything in the Bible, “Without your proving it, it didn’t happen”?

  • How would you explain mercy to an eight-year-old?

  • How can I help someone who says, “God will either save me or He won’t. Nothing I do can change that”?

  • What do you think about the idea that church is only for believers and we shouldn’t mix evangelizing with church gatherings?

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#STRask - January 23, 2020

Questions about whether “Adam” just refers to “man” in general, whether God’s just nature is a good argument for Hell, and the definitions of faith and idolatry.

  • How do you respond to people who say Adam was not a singular person?

  • What do you think of the argument that God’s just nature requires the existence of Hell in an afterlife?

  • Is the definition of “faith” as “putting your trust in what you have reason to believe” guilty of the fallacy of ambiguity?

  • Does idolatry include watching TV, reading novels, or following sports?

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#STRask - January 20, 2020

Questions about how we should reconcile Jesus’ sometimes harsh responses to people with 1 Peter 3:15 and how to grow in our understanding of God’s grace.

  • Since Jesus isn’t always gentle in His responses, how should we reconcile that with 1 Peter 3:15 in terms of how we should respond to others?

  • How can one grow a profound understanding of the grace of God?

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#STRask - January 16, 2020

Questions about why Adam’s sin, but not Christ’s righteousness, is imputed to everyone, how we know people won’t sin in Heaven, and whether Matthew 24:20 indicates we’re to keep the Sabbath.

  • Why was Adam’s sin imputed universally, but Christ’s righteousness is not?

  • If Adam sinned in the Garden, how do we know people won’t sin in Heaven?

  • If Christians aren’t required to keep the Sabbath, how should we interpret Matthew 24:20?

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#STRask - January 13, 2020

Questions about why we need bodies, whether the desire to remain alive indicates there’s no Heaven, responding to the idea that we’re our own authority, and how to know if someone is a good choice for a spouse.

  • Why do we have physical eyes and ears if our souls are capable of apprehending sights and sounds without them?

  • If desires that can’t be fulfilled on earth point to another world, does the fact that we desire to remain alive point to Heaven’s non-existence?

  • How can we respond to the notion that each person is their own authority?

  • How can a Christian know if the person they’re dating is a true believer and a good choice of husband or wife?

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#STRask - January 9, 2020

Questions about why we call God our Father if He isn’t a man and whether it’s concerning that a pastor read from a “gender inclusive” translation of the Bible.

  • If God isn’t a man or a woman, why do we call Him our Father?

  • Should I be concerned that my pastor read from a Bible translation that he told us was gender inclusive?

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#STRask - January 6, 2020

Question about how God can be good or just if He “creates some pots for destruction.”

  • How should I respond to someone who can’t accept God as good or just because He “creates some pots for destruction” according to Romans 9?

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#STRask - January 2, 2020

Questions about whether Hebrews 10 implies a Christian can lose his salvation and recommendations for books for laypeople on logic and reasoning.

  • In Hebrews 10:26–31, does the phrase “the blood of the covenant that sanctified them” imply a Christian can lose his salvation?

  • Is there a book or resource you would recommend for the lay person on logic and reasoning?

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